Why Purple is so Popular: It’s Not Just the Food

by Steve Broback on May 5, 2008

purple_loft.jpgTook the gang out to lunch last week for a small celebration to Purple Cafe in Woodinville, and as usual the food was great and the service very attentive.

The noteworthy item(s) were that a delay in delivery of one of our entrees resulted in the entree being taken off our bill. Then one of my team then noticed a flaw in their order, and noted it to the waitress who alerted Sara Goodenow the manager. There was no major issue on his end, he just wanted to flag it so they could take action early. The result was another comped meal and a gift certificate for a future visit. Yet another example, of the “above and beyond” service The gang as Purple have internalized.

Nordstrom has become a legend due to their unflagging dedication to customer satisfaction. From this blogger’s point of view, Purple is on track to achieve similar status.

Note that Purple is NOT a sponsor of this site or any of our endeavors, and that I don’t love every restaurant I visit…

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