Purple Cafe Woodinville: Service Above and Beyond (Still)

by jason on October 25, 2007

purple_woodinville.jpg I’ve been haunting Purple Cafe in Woodinville since they first opened their doors in a tiny space that seated 22 people. Back then, owners Larry and Tabitha provided such excellent food and service that the place rapidly became a destination. It’s now blossomed into a massive operation whose reach extends into downtown Seattle.

Even though Larry and Tabitha don’t spend as much time in the remote Woodinville store as they used to, the quality of the operation is still stellar. Case in point: My wife and I went in for lunch today and ordered the lamb burger. I didn’t notice that it came dressed with an olive tapenade, (which was clearly described on the menu.) I’m not a big fan of olives — so when it arrived I did ask to see the menu to confirm that I messed up. Sure enough there it was.

To be honest it still was a pretty tasty burger, so I was set to forge ahead. Or so I thought. Our server, Rita insisted that they redo my order without the tapenade(!) I tried to tell her that it wasn’t necessary, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Next thing I know, A brand new burger appears on the house.

How many operations take customer service to that level these days? Not many. Thanks Rita, you know I’ll be back.

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