Wine Marketing Classes: Lake WA Institute of Technology

by Shona Milne on January 1, 2014

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is offering a Wine Marketing Class to help you learn Wine Marketing.

“Wine Marketing” Classes @ Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Do big, glossy magazine ads really sell wine?  Or, for that matter, how effective are websites and social media posts in moving cases of wine through the supply chain?  And just what do wine critics and bloggers mean to you the consumer, the wholesalers, and/or retailers anyways?  Find out in our Wine Marketing class where we focus on methods for marketing wine including market analysis, packaging, advertising, promotional techniques, brand development, and the use of consultants.  Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday night for 11 classes, we discuss this fascinating, important, and yet often overlooked aspect of the wine business.

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

Apply practical marketing practices (including research, analysis, entry, expansion, and branding practices) towards various marketing challenges common to the wine industry

Describe how sound marketing practices can enhance the effectiveness of various sales tools unique to the wine industry, such as wine clubs, tasting events, wine-focused tourism, etc.

Identify various technological tools for use with numerous marketing needs particularly in the areas of client development and retention, internet-based marketing and social media

Apply various types of promotional techniques to wine sales

Describe how advertising and the use of consultants may or may not prove beneficial to various sized wineries, distributors, importers, and retailers

Incorporate artwork into the production of promotional packets, labels, and internet presence, as well as the promotion of brand identification and message consistency

Discern when best to utilize various marketing tools for future use in wine-related professional and educational endeavors

Course Specifics:

This is a “for-credit” course provided by the Lake Washington Institute of Technology – a fully accredited member of the State of Washington University and College System.

Meet on Tuesday & Thursday nights: Jan. 7th – Feb. 11th, 2014 from 6:30-9:30pm for 11 classes.

Registration required by Monday, Jan. 6th, 2014.
New Students register here:
or call: (425) 739-8104.
Returning Students registration:

Ttl. cost for WA State Residents (3 credits, no additional fees for this class) = $352.50

Questions?  Contact Blake Holaday directly via e-mail:

About the Wine Certificates Program at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology:

The new Wine Certificates Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology offers two new Wine Certificates of Completion:

* The Wine Business Certificate

* The Beverage Management Certificate

The new Wine Business Certificate is designed for those students interested in pursuing various careers in the Wine Retail, Wholesale and Production Industries – including Tasting Room Management.  Students will acquire a base knowledge of worldwide wine types and viticulture practices while developing savvy wine sales, business and marketing techniques.  All courses are led by industry professionals and this program’s condensed class schedule allows for Certificate Completion in as few as 2 quarters of study.

The new Beverage Management Certificate is designed for those students interested in pursuing careers as Sommeliers and Restaurant Beverage Managers.  Guided by industry professionals, participants will acquire worldwide wine knowledge with a focus on northwest wines, beer, and spirits, and will develop traditional and contemporary food and beverage pairing skills.  Additionally, students will become proficient in all aspects of formal wine tasting, assessment and service.  This program’s condensed class schedule allows for Certificate Completion in as few as 2 quarters of study.

For further information, please visit:

About the College:

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT) is a broad-based polytechnic college providing education in more than 40 areas of study and offering pathways to certificates, associate degrees and a baccalaureate degree designed to give students the latest cutting edge skills relevant to today’s workplace. Founded in 1949, LWIT offers hands-on, real-world training in manufacturing, transportation, energy, business, allied health, engineering, computer and information systems, food and hospitality, and health and fitness. For information please visit:

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