Betz Winery: Sold!

by Shona Milne on April 7, 2011

I just received this email this morning that Betz Winery has been sold. Bob will remain on as winemaker.

The 2011 vintage has begun as spring temperatures finally warmed; like the spring fever we get at the beginning of baseball season, we can only anticipate a fabulous vintage.

Cathy and I want to share a major step we took today in the winery’s future, as well as in our own: we partnered with veteran wine lovers and entrepreneurs Steve and Bridgit Griessel.  The Griessels are purchasing the winery from us on the condition that we remain part of the winery management and operations for years to come.  I’ll retain the title/duties of Winemaker, focusing my energy and time for at least the next five years on those things that originally brought me to the industry: the fun stuff, like spending time in the vineyards and cellar. 

After 35 vintages in Washington winemaking, Cathy and I agreed to slowly pull back from daily management, but to still put our ‘stamp’ on the wines.  We also hope to carve out a little time for ourselves and our family.

The Griessels will continue the family feel of the winery and handle the day to day business management.  This allows me to focus even more of my attention on the winemaking process.  Not much will actually change here because the Griessel’s participation in the Betz Family team is additive; if anything, the wines should reflect a greater vineyard precision and character.  Cathy and I will still very much be here and engaged. 

Steve and Bridgit bring unbridled enthusiasm, a wealth of management experience and keen wine knowledge to the Betz Family.  They’re entrepreneurs who had been searching specifically for a high-end, west coast family winery.  We know you will enjoy their friendship as we do, and the energy they bring to the winery.  We look forward to sharing more about them in the coming months.

An enormous thank you to all of you for making this dream of Betz Family Winery even possible.  Over the years you have become friends, confidants and fellow explorers of this fabulous wine region; you have blessed us with your personal stories, your wine moments and your friendship.  Our plan is to continue to walk this path with you, with the Griessels and with the entire Betz Family team.  If there’s any pause as you read this, please trust me, our best wines are yet to come.

Right now Vintage 2011 is calling.  I’ll spend next week in the vineyards with our growers discussing how we can make this year even better.  I’m already looking forward to sharing those wines with you over the coming years.

All the best,

Bob and Cathy Betz 


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