Parties That Cook: Cooking Up a Storm at Efeste

by Shona Milne on October 26, 2010

I attended a Parties That Cook class at Efeste Winery the other Saturday evening. This is a incredibly fun was to spend an evening. I can’t really remember the last time I used a rolling pin! You start off your evening with some great cooking tips. Who knew that an easy way to peel ginger was to use a tea spoon to scrape off the skin? What about putting an onion in the freezer for a few minutes to cut down on the tears? Parties That Cook set up everything for you and measures out some of the ingrediants. They have plenty of staff checking up on you to see that you are progressing to completing you recipe correctly and that everyone will finish at the same time. I was cooking up Green Onion pancakes with Ponzu Sauce. I must say that my team did a great job. I think we had some help with the delicious Efeste Riesling and Final Final to help us complete our dish. It’s always better to cook with wine.

Parties That Cook just arrived in Seattle this year. Their headquarters is in San Francisco and they are also located in Chicago. They have hands-on cooking parties and corpoarte team building events. They have been around for more than 10 years, but in Seattle for under a year. It’s a great way to spend and evening, it’s something just a little different.

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