Guest Post: Wine Tasting Tables

by Shona Milne on October 11, 2010

Why We Love Wine Tasting Tables

Friends and wine.

Definitely one of the best things in life is bringing your friends together for tasting different types of wines. You bond with your friends and with each bottle of wine, and have a great time with each passing glass! Woodinville is now a premiere wine destination and after you end up visiting, you will most likely have some exciting new finds to share with friends.

Of course, during these precious moments, you have a silent, yet sturdy companion that’s indispensable for the occasion: a gorgeous wine tasting table. Don’t you just love wine tables? We love looking at different sizes, shapes and colors, and their versatility makes us giddy!  

The beauty and versatility of wine tasting tables

Wine tasting tables not only make great furniture; they are a great place to display your most prized bottles and wine accessories, and they make an ideal workspace too! They also allow for extra bottle storage under the table top and provide an attractive serving space. All these enhance the look and mood of your home where you like to relax and entertain friends.

For your wine tasting day with friends, you may opt to place a pretty tablecloth over your wine table and set it with wine glasses, wine charms, a rinse pitcher, table napkins, etc. Throw in some bread sticks to cleanse the palate, and if you’re tasting Cabernet Sauvignon, don’t forget the chocolates! Prepare those paper and pencils (you want to make sure you jot down your favorites!) too, and a wine tasting guide.

Wine tables and tasting tables are ideal for your wine room, kitchen or any other space in your home for that added warmth and character.

We hope you enjoy shopping for your wine table as much as bonding with good friends. So go ahead, find and prepare that lovely wine tasting table. And let the swooshing, slurping and swallowing begin.

Author: Kristi Davis is the Interactive Marketing Manager for Wine Cellar Innovations. She enjoys posting about the beautiful wine racks, wine cellars, and accessories that she comes across.  You can find her posting on Twitter or at their Facebook page.

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