Two Vintners & Covington: Bottlin’ Line Poem

by Shona Milne on September 26, 2010

I came across this poem by Paul Shillam when I stopped by the Two Vintners release this past weekend. Paul and his wife Violette wrote this after spending a day bottling some Covington Cellars and Two Vintners wines a few weeks ago.

Workin’ the Bottlin’ Line
Paul L. Shillam
Workin’ the bottlin’ line
The rhythm of the bottles clankin’
And keeping time
As we’re workin’ on the bottlin’ line.
The smell of the wine
Laughter in the air;
Such camaraderie
Is very rare.
Watching the wine flow
Makes me want to go
To the end of the line
To get a taste of the wine.
Watching the labels rolling on
Cases of wine to be shipped beyond
Warehouse fills, cases stacked on,
Soon the cases will all be gone.
Syrah, Lola, and Pepperbridge Merlot
Bottled, labeled, soon to go
Production stops, the day is ‘fino’
Time to go enjoy some vino.
End of shift, then we begin the fun;
Eating, laughing and pourin’
Some of the fruit of the vine
Comin’ off the bottlin’ line.
Another crush is right behind
Grapes awaitin’ to change to wine
It’s only a matter of a short time,
’Til I’ll be working the bottlin’ line!
Dedicated to the Two Vintners, Covington Cellars, and the bottling crew of August 27th, 2010.

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Paul L Shillam 03.31.11 at 6:19 am

I thought I would let you know that I set this to music and added three other wine songs: see at Enjoy, Paul

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