Tweetup: Northwest Totem Cellars

by Shona Milne on February 9, 2010

nwtc_logoI attended a Tweetup at Northwest Totem Cellars last night. This Tweetup was organized by @SeattleWineGal also known as Barbara. I have attended a few of these events recently and they are a great way social media can benefit a business looking to promote itself and reach out to a different audience.

Our evening started off with a barrel tasting of Grenache. It was light and fruity and showed promise. We also tasted Tempranillo which was already smooth despite still being in the barrel. Mike told use about how he uses French oak barrels which cost about $1,250 each. He also told us that you can use a bag of oak chips in barrels that are oak neutral to create an oak flavor for the wines.

Tasting the wines in the NW Totem Cellars tasting area is always a treat. It’s in the kitchen on Kate and Mike’s home. Kate provided a delicious spread of vegan pizza, sausage, and pate & crackers. All of this paired wonderfully with the wines. Yes, vegan does go with red wine. Of the red wines I like the Low Man Red and the Potlatch. The Potlatch is a Tempranillo and Syrah blend.

I have been a big fan of Northwest Totem Cellars for a few years. I think I might be one of their biggest fans of the Late Harvest Viognier. This was the wine that got me drinking dessert and wine wines again.

My tweetup friends in attendance were @SeattleWineGal, @winebeerWA, @WriteforWine, @DivaTink, @WABrokers, and @Brianshead/@BrianOnWine and, of course, our host @NWTotemCellars. You can follow me on Twitter @Shona425.

Contact me at if you are a winery, wine bar, or restaurant who is interested in hosting a tweetup.

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