Survive the Night: Challenger Ridge

by Shona Milne on November 18, 2009

pyjamasI dropped off some childrens new pyjamas at Challenger Ridge on Saturday to help the drive for Survive the Night. It’s a non-profit that focuses on children who are abruptly removed from their homes and placed into care. Survive the Night provides a bag with a new pair of pyjamas, toothpaste & tooth brush, underwear and a small soft toy. If you donate at Challenger Ridge in November or December you will receive a free tasting, 15% off your wine purchases, and the warm and fuzzy feeling that you have made a difference to a child in need.

I had a delicious taste of the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc while dropping the pyjamas. They even used it to make the cupcakes and frosting they were serving on Saturday. Yummy.

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