Winery Cat of Woodinville: Leon

by Shona Milne on September 9, 2009

leonI met Leon while at A Day in the Vineyard at Hollywood Hill Vineyards. While we took a tour around the grounds and checked out the 60 barrels of wine that are currently aging, Leon came over to check us out. He’s very friendly and the left leg of my black pants turned golden from his fur.

He has a very unique story how he ended up a Winery Cat of Woodinville.  Steve told me that Leon originally emigrated from Ireland to Korea. His people were going there to teach English. They all then came to Washington to visit some family in Bothell. When they decided to return to Ireland they did not want to put Leon through the six month required quarantine and looked for a new home for him. Luckily Steve and Becky had a mouse problem in their Bellevue home and took Leon in.

Steve told me that Leon prowls the vineyard and keeps down the population of mice, free range moles, voles, and rabbits. Good to know that Leon is on guard keeping our grapes safe from pests. He also greets visitors to the winery.

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