Dusted Valley: Wine Gallery in Woodinville

by Shona Milne on September 6, 2009

dustedI was invited to an Open House at Dusted Valley Vintners Wine Gallery in Woodinville last week and finally got the opportunity to taste through their wines. I have been in a few times but ended up talking and not tasting. I received a Stained Tooth Society toothbrush as I walked in. A great idea as I’m a big red wine drinker. I did enjoy starting off with their Viognier since it was a warm evening. After that I went straight into the red wine tasting line up. I think the first red I tasted was the Barrel Thief Red which ended up being one of my favorites. The other wine I really liked was dusted1the Stained Tooth Society Syrah. Stop in and ask about the Stained Tooth Society.

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