Wineries Who Tweet: Woodinville Part 2

by Shona Milne on August 17, 2009

I first must apoligize to @GormanWinery for leaving them off of my current follows on Twitter. I have found out about a few more Woodinville wineries who tweet. There is @diStefanowinery, @silverlakewines, @stemichellebob, @stemichelle, @gardvintners, @Facelli, @ElsomCellars, and now @WmChurchWinery has signed on.

I appreciate everyone who has let me know about wineries who tweet in Woodinville that I missed. I hope that you send in additional addresses as more sign up for Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @Shona425

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Jim Slone 08.17.09 at 12:50 pm

hmmm…can’t find Gard………………….

Shona Milne 08.17.09 at 4:49 pm

They are one of those ones that don’t come up when you search for them. It is the correct name. I follow them so check out who I follow and find them. I’ve had to do that for a few who I wanted to follow. @Shona425

Eric Hwan 08.21.09 at 6:16 pm

One of my favorite wineries is Efeste. @Efeste on twitter.

Shona Milne 08.22.09 at 8:06 am

Thanks Eric. They are now listed on my part 3 draft for Woodinville Winereis Who Tweet. It’s getting hard to keep up now with everyone getting onto Twitter. It’s a good thing.

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