New Wine Social Group: Eastside Wines

by Shona Milne on July 30, 2009

Wine seems to getting a lot of attention theses day. A new group for social networking, Eastside Wines,  has been formed this month by my friend, Joe Kennedy. He sent me a press release with information about the group. I was one of the thirteen who signed up on the first day. was launched July 9th and has 13 members in it’s first day. Not bad consider no announcement was made – except for a single tweet on Twitter. This blog post is the first public announcement that has been made about the group – which has no events announced yet.
I’ve been working on a couple of upcoming wine events for Eastside Entrepreneurs and we are partnering with such great wineries and partners that I feel like it’s important that we reach out to all wine lovers in the Pacific Northwest.
Eastside Wine network is initially being hosted on the Ning network, as is Eastside Entrepreneurs. The name of the group will probably be changing in short order, as we plan to have wine events all over Washington state. Our members are also all considered to list any other wine events that they are involved in and would like more people to attend – should be a great online community for people to connect with other wine lovers, find out about and rsvp to wine events and I expect we’ll have a number of our local experts want to be posting blog entries for our members.
If you like wine, I hope to see you at Sign up now and find out about our first events as they are announced.

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