Senoj Estates: Closed Down?

by Shona Milne on April 24, 2009

People keep asking me what I know about what is happening with Senoj Estates. All I know is what I have heard from many different people. One story is that they were serving beer and alcohol last Friday night before Passport to Woodinville. Another is that they did not have a liquor license to serve by the glass. The final story is that they are currently shut down and have removed everything from the building pending a review by the liquor board.  I can’t verify anything but everyone is talking and asking questions.

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Cindy Beach 04.25.09 at 11:01 am

I enjoy your blog Shona. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep up with the latest wine happenings in Woodinville.

DeDe Snyder 05.06.09 at 4:57 pm

Senoj has finally posted an update on their website.

Shona Milne 05.07.09 at 9:39 am

Thanks for the informaion. Interesting.

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