Farewell From Austin Robaire

by Shona Milne on January 15, 2009

An email was forwarded on to me about Austin Robaire closing its doors for at least five years. I hate to see a winery close.

When we first started on this wine journey, we made a successful
transition from our home winemaking hobby to a commercial venture.
Along the way, we met plenty of wine enthusiasts such as yourselves and
made many new friends. Many stories and wine glasses were shared. We
started a family and grew the winery from 250 cases to about 1000 cases.

We had a blast and enjoyed this journey immensely. Some of you we have
known for years and some we have never met. We remember when we were the only one at the warehouse location off 144th when we first started – that place is booming now!

We have decided in 2008 to close this chapter of our wine journey in order to spend more time with family, education and travel. All winery operations have been suspended for at least 5 years. Our next chapter will involve growth in our wine experience in order to be able to produce more exceptional wine when we return. We plan on exploring, learning and exchanging knowledge with other winemakers during out travels.

This is farewell but not goodbye. Until we meet again, we wish you all
the very best and remember to always share wine with associates, family
and most excellent friends!


Ron Yabut
Austin Robaire Vintners

PS: if you see us during passport, give us an extra large pour 🙂

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