Woodinville Wineries Prominent on Gregutt’s 2008 “Best” List: Betz at Top, DeLille Gets Two(?!) Slots

by Steve Broback on December 23, 2008

By my reckoning, 16 of these top 100 wines are from Woodinville. When you consider that there are over 600 wineries in the state, Woodinville has more than twice the number of slots than would be allocated by chance. Pretty good showing if you ask me.

Here are the Woodinville wineries and where they placed.

I extracted and parsed the entire table into an excel spreadsheet with 5 columns and ran a pivot table to see what winery got the most placements. The data indicated that no winery was listed twice and then I read this:

We now have nearly 600 wineries in the state, so even limiting it to one listing per winery means that five out of six wineries won’t even appear on the list.

So, it seemed clear to me that Gregutt did not plan to repeat wineries. If that’s the case, what’s with number 35? Am I wrong or is Doyenne Grand Ciel Syrah not a wine from DeLille?

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