Riedel Tasting Seminar At Woodhouse Family Cellars Nov 8

by Steve Broback on October 2, 2008

This just landed in my in-box. Sounds like a lot of fun. Here are the details:

Date/Time: Saturday November 8, 2008 5:30pm
Where: Woodhouse Family Cellars
Cost: $150 per person. Includes wine glass presentation, fine wine tasting, appetizer reception, and four Riedel glasses:
Burgundy/Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc/Dessert Wine

Space is limited to the first 50 guests.

Call or email Jennifer by October 24.
425.527.0608, Jennifer@Woodhouse-usa.com

Laura Conway posts about her exeprience at a Riedel seminar here.

I once attended a Riedel tasting seminar that contrasted various glass shapes and thicknesses by pouring the same varietal wine into multiple glasses. I must admit that I was won over by the results. However, the biggest difference I found in tasting was between the “joker” glasses (small, non-crystal, clunky glass or tumbler) and generous sized crystal stems. The subtleties between the varietal-designed glasses were much more subtle. Unless one has extensive storage space, I wouldn’t invest in more than four basic styles.

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