Fidelitas Winemaker Event at Fine Wine & Cigars in Redmond

by Steve Broback on June 18, 2008

From Fine Wine and Cigars in Redmond:

As Charlie says, it’s just wine. Just wine crafted by one of Washington’s most-respected winemakers-a guy who knows just about every vineyard site in the region like the back of his hand. Just wine made from the finest grapes each appellation has to offer-harvested at their peak; crushed, destemmed, sorted, and obsessed over for weeks on end. Tested and tasted, examined and extracted, barrel-aged to perfection-all to ensure the right flavors come to fruition at precisely the right time. Some consider it an optimal blend of art and science. But we all know, it’s just wine.

2006 M100 White Wine, Columbia Valley
2006 M100 Red Wine, Columbia Valley
2005 Merlot, Columbia Valley
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Champoux Vineyard, HHH
2005 Eight Syrah, Coulmbia Valley

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