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Canadian Ice Wine: Quail’s Gate

by Shona Milne on March 6, 2010

I just saw a story on King 5 Evening Magazine about Canadian Ice Wine. I just love ice wine and late harvest wines and I don’t really like sweet wines. I would rather pass on dessert after dinner for a glass of ice wine. I like to think of it as dessert in a glass. Quails Gate in […]


2010 Olympics: Canadian Wines

by Shona Milne on February 24, 2010

I was incredibly lucky to head up to Vancouver for a couple of days for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I did manage to attend the Men’s Sweden vs. Finland (3-0) and a Women’s USA vs. Sweden (9-1) hockey games. In between Olympic events I managed to drink some good Canadian wines. When in Canada, drink […]


Canadian Tax: Hinder Border States Wine Sales

by Shona Milne on February 23, 2010

From a story on Wines & Vines, Senator Charles Schumer(D) of New York is proposing to fight Canada’s border tax policies on wine. Currently, Canadian citizens must be out of the county for 48 hours before they can bring back a maximum of two bottles of wine duty free. A $20 bottle of wine can […]


Hong Kong Wines: Washington Connection

by Shona Milne on December 15, 2009

From CNN news this morning is a story about an unconventional winery business model. They choose grapes from all over the world, including Washington, and have the grapes flash frozen before shipping to Hong Kong. Their 2007 vintage was made with Washington grapes. 8th Estate Winery is the first winery in Hong Kong. Tweet This […]


Okanagan Winemakers: Re-Using Bottles

by Shona Milne on August 29, 2009

A green idea for the wine industry has been proposed in Canada. The Penticton Western News has an article about South Okanagan wineries that may start a program where they sterilize and re-use wine bottles as a cost saving measure and to decrease bottles in landfill. Tweet This Post