Tate’s List: Launches Marketplace for Food & Beverage Industry

by Shona Milne on March 11, 2015

Tate’s List is a great resource for the food and beverage industry. The site continues to add more features.

Tate’s List, the network for the food and beverage industry, unveiled its Marketplace Tuesday, February 24th, at its most recent industry tasting event and first chef competition.  More than 300 people from the greater Seattle restaurant and bar industry were in attendance to hear the news and sample local products, which are now for sale on the Marketplace.

For the first time in the Northwest region, owners, chefs, and managers in the industry can take advantage of the Tate’s List Marketplace as a one-stop shop to buy and sell food, beverages, equipment, supplies, and real estate.

“The Tate’s List Marketplace has the potential to be a game changer for our local food and beverage industry.  As a small, independent beverage producer, the marketplace gives my products visibility to a bigger audience than ever before.”

– Lexi, Founder of Old Ballard Liquor Company Distillery

“As Tate’s List continues to bridge the gap between vendors and the industry, the Marketplace provides one more way local producers can get their products in front of restaurants and bars.”

– CEO and Founder, Tate Rogers

In addition to introducing the Marketplace to the restaurant industry last week, Tate spoke at one of the largest culinary B2B networking events in the city at the Seattle Chefs Collaborative F2C2 on the “Tech Tools for Producers and Buyers,” panel introducing Tate’s List as a new tool for the industry.

Tate’s List is working with several organizations, including the King County Food Economy Program, to help local producers and farmers get in front of this target audience of restaurant and bar owners in the Puget Sound area.

“The restaurant industry is the largest sector of King County’s food market and our King County farmers grow over a 100 different food products. Having a place where both can connect is a win-win for everyone – local food, local restaurants, and local communities.”

– Lilly T. Simmering, King County Food Economy Program Manager

Seattle Tilth Produce is excited to connect one of their farmers with local chefs through Tate’s List. Karla Farias runs Feliz Farm, raising pastured pigs using humane and organic practices through Seattle Tilth Farm Works farm business incubator. She shared delicious pork and impressed the chefs in attendance. Seattle Tilth Produce is a local food hub, which distributes local produce and meat from new, immigrant and family farmers, run by nonprofit Seattle Tilth.

“It can be tough for farmers to make connections with chefs and buyers due to lack of time, coordination capacity, or logistics — especially for farmers new to the market. I’ve heard chefs say Feliz Farm has some of the best pork they’ve ever tasted. There’s good potential through Tate’s List events, networking, and now the marketplace, to find restaurants who want local, sustainably raised meat and produce.”

– Chris Iberle, manager at Seattle Tilth Produce

As the restaurant and bar industry continues to evolve, farm fresh goods and local food purveyors are becoming more popular among restaurant owners, chefs and consumers, alike. By providing an easier channel for industry owners and chefs to buy and support “local,” Tate’s List brings the benefit of connectivity and discoverability to the forefront of the food and beverage industry.

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