2012 Iron Vintner: Winemaker Dinner Coming Up

by Shona Milne on June 19, 2012

I was invited back this year to sit at the tweet table for Round 2 of the 3rd Annual Iron Vintner Challenge at Willows Lodge. If you don’t know about this event it’s being at a live version of Iron Chef but with winemakers trying to impress the judges with their cooking prowess.

The secret ingredeint for Round 2 was crab. Morgan of Covington Cellars made a crab ravioli and Ross and his Mom from Ross Andrew Wines made a delicious crab roll in cucumber. It was a very close decision but Morgan was declared the winner and goes on the the championship round.

Round 1 was Jerry Riener of Guardian Cellars VS Kevin Correll of Barrage Cellars with Jerry of Guardian Cellars being victorious. Round 2 was Morgan Lee of Covington Cellars VS Ross Andrew Mickel of Ross Andrew Winery with a close decision going to Morgan Lee of Covington Cellars. The Championship round will be Jerry of Guardian Cellars vs Morgan Lee of Covington Cellars.

After the Championship round is over there is still a Winemaker Dinner at the Barking Frog on Wednesday, June 27th at 7pm. You get a chance to taste the winning appetizer and entree in a multi-course dinner paired with wines from Guardian Cellars, Barrage, Cellars, Covington Cellars, and Ross Andrew Winery. The winemakers will be in attendance to tell their experiences of the 2012 Iron Vintner Challenge. A portion of the proceeds benefit Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center.

Tickets are $135 per person. For reservations, please call the Barking Frog at 425-424-2999.

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