Valentines: Beauty, Chocolate, Wine, & Tesla

by Shona Milne on February 14, 2011

It was a very blustery day out in Woodinville on Saturday but I had a few things on my agenda since it was Valentine’s Day weekend. I started off my day at Elsom Cellars for a splash of Malbec, a bit of chocolate, and a paraffin hand treatment. Got to keep the hands looking good out wine tasting. I headed out to the Warehouse District for some socializing and more wine and chocolates at Tempest Sol, William Church Winery, and Cowan Vineyards. I was disappointed that I couldn’t stay for the bagpipe player at Cownan Vineyards. I do like a man in a kilt.

I had made an appointment for a test drive of a Tesla electric car at Willows Lodge that afternoon. If anyone saw a little sporty orange car zipping around Woodinville it might have been me heading out to Efeste on my test drive. Once you figure out how to gracefully enter and exit the car you are going to love it. I’m still working on a graceful exit from the car. It’s an amazing car to drive; there is a complete absence of noise when you stop. This car goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds but I can’t actually verify this as I was driving around Woodinville. This is a true sports car without a lot of trunk space but I estimate that it can definitely take 2-3 cases of wine. If you are worried about having to charge an electric car there are plenty of places that have charging stations including Willows Lodge. I hear that Tesla is working on an app to tell you when charging stations are located.

My final stop of the day took an interesting turn at Alexandria Nicole Cellars where the back half of the building had no power due to the wind storm. Still a good place to catch up with friends and drink good wine even in the dark. Great hospitality even without power.

I was really living the Wine Diva Lifestyle this weekend.

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