Two Vintners: Two Wines Released

by Shona Milne on October 6, 2010

I stopped in at the Two Vintners release party a few weekends ago to check out some of their new wines. I must confess up front that I am already a big fan of Lola, both the wine and the dog. This time the featured wines were 2008 Stone Tree Vineyard Syrah and the 2008 Make Haste Red Blend. The Make Haste Blend is a secret mix but I think Grenache is the primary varietal. Anyone have any other guesses of what is in the blend? So far,  no one will talk, even Lola. The Make Haste label is from a stamp used on Morgan’s wedding invitations.

Two Vintners plans on three opening a year. This time they had a Led Zepplin performance on a big screen for pairing with their wines. I”m looking forward to the next opening.

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