#WAWine: Washington Virtual Wine Tasting

by Shona Milne on May 8, 2010

You too can participate in the next virtual tasting hosted by Drink Nectar. This one is really easy, it’s any Washington wine. All you have to do is pop open a Washington wine and start tweeting. Follow and use the hashtag #WAWine on Thursday, June 3rd between 5-8pm. You can also see which wineries are hosting events for their wines. You can follow me on Twitter @Shona425.


Participation is simple. Visit the event site for details and tips. Support one of the participating wineries by buying one or more bottles of Washington wine and join in one of three ways: 

  • Join in person at one of the participating wineries! Follow this link to see who is hosting an event.
  • Log on to Twitter at 5pm Pacific Time on Thursday, June 3 and follow the hashtag #WAWine. To be connected with other participants be sure to use the words #WAWine in all your tweets.
  • Lot on to Facebook and join the community at http://facebook.com/tasteandtweet. You can use this page to upload photos, share your experiences and connect with others.

Attention Wineries

Visit the WAWine for Wineries page to see how you can maximize the event.

  • Social Media Tutorials
  • Media Packet
  • Downloadable print materials
  • 7 ways to maximize sales
  • and more…

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