Passport to Woodinville: Saturday Warehouse

by Shona Milne on April 19, 2010

illegal-aliensBefore I left Columbia Winery I found this happy group who told me they were “Illegal aliens in search of their Passports”. I then focused my first day of Passport to Woodinville on the warehouse district. I started off at Hestia Cellars which has a great Meritage and they had a nice live band for your sipping pleasure. I moved onto Pomum Cellars and I was already partiall to the Tinto Tempranillo blend but then had the Syrah which was described to me as “big, sexy, juicy” to which I would have to agree. I was greeted by Lola, winery dog, for II Vintners tasting and I do love Morgan’s Syrah but it’s the Lola, Cab & Syrah blend, for me. Covington Cellars just always has the best food every event. They have never let me down. You could barrel taste Barbera and even order bikers1futures in this limited wine. It paired well with the meatballs in their delicious Cellar Sauce. They released their Josie Rose and paired it with a seafood croquette with a Thai chili sauce. I look forward to drinking this on a nice day. This is where is found two bikers in formal wear as they rode around Woodinville.

I did stop in at William Church on Friday night to try out the Bad Habit. Very enjoyable but I hear that it is already in short supply. Good wines don’t sit around long. I was also at Red Sky on Friday. They had great food with their wines. The shredded tacos paired with the Serendipity and the shrimps in the soup spoons were incredible.

I got in to Edmonds Winery for a meatball with Bentley sauce paired with the Slidge Ridge blend. It was more of a challenge to get into Patterson but I think that word got out about the Italianissimo pasta and gelato. The gelato had a splash of Patterson Late Harvest Semillon over it. Now that’s a great way to treat yourself on a nice day. I also stopped in at Anton Ville and Des Voigne before calling it a day.

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Bean 04.19.10 at 4:42 pm

I am glad that you got pictures of the bike riders, there was too big of a crowd around them at Goose Ridge where I saw them.

Shona Milne 04.19.10 at 4:46 pm

They were so nice and I loved the outfits. They embraced the fun of Passport. Not sure I would brave the traffic on a bike during Passport myself.

Lisa 04.19.10 at 7:34 pm

Thank you for sharing. I was disappointed to miss the Passport event this year. I love Hestia’s meritage and Pomum’s Temparnillo! And I always enjoy visiting Edmond’s Winery…delicious red blends and adorable wine dog Bentley.

Shona Milne 04.20.10 at 10:32 am

St Nicks is December 4th & 5th! Mark your calendar.

SweetBaby 04.22.10 at 1:58 pm

Glad you enjoyed the warehouse area- but, in my opinion, you missed some of the best wine in Woodinville when you didn’t stop in at XSV. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that they make is nothing short of fabulously INCREDIBLE! Plus, the winery dog Otis (not available during event weekends) will charm the socks off of anyone-

Check them out!!

Shona Milne 04.23.10 at 5:33 am

I just didn’t have time to get over to XSV. I do know Otis personally. I’ve had to throw the ball for him on several visits. I’ll make sure it’s on my to do list very soon.

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