Food & Wine Pairing Network: Live

by Shona Milne on March 4, 2010

fwpnOn Saturday night I attended the launch of the Food and Wine Pairing Network. The site has just launched and they are planning more live meet ups to exchange recipes and wine pairings. I took a Chilled Avocado soup. It was decided that a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc was the right pairing. Make sure you sign up.

The Food and Wine Pairing Network has evolved from our adventures in wine pairing. We have had so much fun and have learned so much, not only about the alchemy of food and wine pairing but also the bringing together of people to enjoy it. Our goal here is simple; we want to bring people together, virtually, and in person, to share food, wine and conversation together.

We envision the Food and Wine Pairing Network being a place to:

1. Search for information about food and wine pairing
2. Share your experiences with food and wine pairing
3. Discuss food and wine topics in group forums
4. Plan picnics, dinners and parties for friends, new and old
5. Plan virtual tastings and tweet ups
6. Learn new recipes and cooking techniques
7. Discover new wine varietals
8. Host your own food and/or wine related blog
9. Provide exposure to your existing food and/or wine related blog
10. Learn new ways to enjoy food, wine and friends!

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