St. Nick’s Weekend: Saturday

by Shona Milne on December 9, 2009

frozenI knew from the moment that I slid into Columbia Winery’s parking lot on early Saturday morning that it would be an interesting weekend. I handed out glasses and tickets to St. Nick’s Open House Weekend before the event and headed out late Saturday morning for some power tasting. It was a cold, frosty, and slippery morning out in Woodinville and people got off to a slow start for tasting but it picked up as the ice started to disappear.

I headed out in the afternoon and went up to JM Cellars which was a very busy place. They had the most amazing Carrot soup which was perfect with the Longevity red blend. It’s a Bordeaux blend and they have left the wild yeast on. It was one of my favorite stops of the day.

 I also stopped at NW Totem Cellars and tried out their new white wine, Salish. It’s a Riesling and Viognier blend and pretty easy to drink and a price of $11.00 make me like it even more. snowglobe1I had to wait in line to get into Ross Andrew. Seems I told people to head over there and they did. I had tried all of the wines before and I am a fan so I had a taste or two I loved the animate Santa and Snow Globe outside. Helps you get in the Christmas spirit. johnbJohn Bookwalter was pouring all weekend. I had not tried the Conflict and I was happy I did. I have long awaited the release of Chapter 3. I had a barrel taste just over a year ago and I thought it was amazing. A great Bordeaux blend with blackberry flavors.

Out in the warehouse district my first stop was at William Church. Always a favorite stop for me. They had the delicious Syrah sauce with meatballs which pairs well with all of their wines. Patterson Cellars had Italianissimo serving Seafood Risotto which was great with their wonderful Malbec. Quite a few people were in festive attire and I bumped into the quartetZing Quartet on my rounds. Loved the hats and ties. Happy Holidays.

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