Catch a Buzz: Adytum Cellars

by Shona Milne on November 24, 2009

moon-front-2I finally made it to Adytum Cellars the other weekend. I received more than mead when I stopped in; I received an education. Did you know that mead was the first recorded alcoholic beverage? It was found buried with King Tut. Apparently the ancient Egyptians placed great value on mead if they believed they could take it to the afterlife.

Mead is actually an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting a mixture of honey and water. You then add fruit and spices to add flavoring. You may think that it would be very sweet, but it wasn’t. I was greeting by Vince, meadmaker,  with a taste of warm elderberry mead. It was not sweet but had a definite berry flavor. Great on a rainy Seattle Saturday.  Vince told me how he uses local bees for honey and local fruit. Much of it is from Woodinville and some from surrounding areas. Drink local I always say. I did like the Harvest Moon which had a slight effervescence and I also enjoyed the Bing Cherry mead. Vince told me that he expects to have a blackcurrant mead in 2011. I look forward to trying it. Adytum is open on Saturday’s from noon-5pm.

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sara addicott 02.23.10 at 11:54 am

Do you know who owns Adytum?

Shona Milne 02.23.10 at 1:31 pm

Vince Carlson is the owner and meadmaker.

April Smith 03.25.14 at 9:58 pm

There is now a black currant mead available, Cassis. It is amazing! While Vince and Adytum Cellars has moved over to Zillah, WA I am doing sales & distribution for the Seattle area. If you are interested in getting any of the varieties listed on the website and you are located in the Seattle area get in touch by e-mail at

The Cassis is a must try!

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