Social Media: William Church Winery

by Shona Milne on October 19, 2009

william-churchThere have been quite a few conversations about social media and how wineries can use these tools. I was fortunately to be invited to William Church Winery last Saturday night for another conversation. Quite few few other bloggers/tweeters were also in attendance to offer opinions on how wineries, specifically William Church, can leverage Facebook, Twitter, and the internet with limited resources and time. We also discussed building relationships between wineries and bloggers/tweeters. Our conclusion is that is no right answer for everyone but technology moves at a very fast pace these days and you need to figure out which one’s make sense to communicate to your audience. People will not “just find you” anymore.

It’s good to know that some of the wineries are interested in how they can benefit by the newer technology.  Some, sadly, are not interested and I think it is to their detrement. I know it’s not always easy to participate but it’s how things are. We all spend more time online and run around with phones where we communicate instantly with email, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @Shona425. William Church Winery is on Twitter @wmchurchwinery.

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