New Wine Mockumentary: Corked!

by Shona Milne on August 6, 2009

corkedCorked! will hopefully be in our area soon. It looks like it has limted distribution at this point. You can watch a trailer of Corked! Here is a description of the movie:

A hilarious comedic look at the wine industry and its characters told by insiders who thoroughly know the process from the vine to the street. The inflated egos of vintners, sommeliers, wine critics, wine marketers and know-it-all fans are lampooned in this faux travel guide through the Northern California vineyards. The film weaves a witty texture of these driven, obsessed characters as they struggle to bring their wine to market, leaving no grape uncrushed in their quest to win the ultimate recognition- The Golden Harvest Award. The pretentious wine ambassador Donald Smythe (Ross Clendenen) sets the tone for the film with his upscale snobbish comparisons of his Sonoma vineyards to the European aristocratic wine makers. Wine marketers Scogar (Ben Tolpin, Rob Reinis) show there is no accounting for taste in the way wine is marketed. Scrappy independent wine maker Jerry Hannon (Jeffrey Weissman is driven with desire to take on the big guys and make his “perfect” wine the critic’s choice, while his ingenious vineyard manager Dane Phillips (Todd Norris) creates new and startling ways to protect the hallowed grape. Throw in a rich kid taking over the family wine business (Devin Westberg), a paranoid cop (Martina Finch), a dead body in a wine vat, a corrupt wine awards show, and you have all the ingredients for a side-splitting Mockumentary on California wine makers. The film is written and Directed by Ross Clendenen and Paul Hawley and produced by Brian Hoffman for 28 Entertainment. Distribution is by TriCoast Worldwide.

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