Panchos: Best Food in Mazatlan

by Shona Milne on March 27, 2009

panchosHaving dinner at Panchos in Mazatlan was by far the best food I had on my vacation. I wish I had eaten there at least once more before I had to come home. I had the most amazing shrimp scampi which I could barely finish, but I managed every bite. Panchos has a pretty good wine list to choose from and we ended up with several bottles of Garganega Pinot Grigio Veneto from Italy which was great with our dinners as we watched the waves roll up onto the beach. Panchos also has shots of “hooch” which has a delightful pear flavor and it slides down very easy. I recall having two shots of hooch from Pancho himself. He loves his customers and keeps everyone happy with a perfect place on the beach, great food, and great wine.






Cheryl & Denise Langeland, Pancho, & Shona Milne

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