Basic Wine Education at Columbia Winery

by Shona Milne on January 28, 2009

Columbia Winery is offering a “Wine Basics” class on Wednesday, February 18th.

Columbia Winery’s Wine Educator, Dr. Steve Vernon, will lead you on a journey through the basics of wine. The evening’s presentation will include a discussion of how wines are made and the mystique surrounding the “ritual” of wine tasting. You’ll have an opportunity to use some of the tools that professional wine tasters use as you record your tasting notes. Of course we will taste through a series of different varietals to illustrate wine making techniques as we practice the tasting process. At the end of the evening you will be able to take away your own aroma wheel and personal wine tasting notes, as well as a set of tasting notes from our winemaker for comparison. $25 per person, $15 per person Cellar Club Members.

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