Adams Bench is Now Open by Appointment on Saturdays

by Shona Milne on January 18, 2009

I just had an email pop in from Adam’s Bench regarding opening for tastings by appointment on most Saturdays starting on January 24th.

Greetings, Friends of Adams Bench,

Hopeful and confident the New Year will bring many good things, we pause to reflect on the past, and think about the future.

Here at the winery we continually reflect on ways to improve, each year, each vintage– to focus on what specific and tangible steps will benefit our Adams Bench wine–and our relationships with you, our customers and friends.

2008 was a somewhat challenging year in the vineyard, for Cabernet. The end of the season was cool. To ensure the fruit could fully ripen we supported thinning and dropping crop levels to very low yields. This is consistent with our general philosophy of preferring a little harvest which is special and pure, over a larger harvest which is ordinary.

Given the adage that the varietal character of a wine is best expressed when the grapes are grown in the coolest climate in which the grapes can fully ripen, we were interested to see how the end of harvest would play out. We waited and watched over these reduced grape yields very patiently–and were rewarded with grapes and wine we believe will be very special in its time. With berries tiny in size, explosive in flavor, dark in color, we can’t wait to share the wine with you, about 2 years from now.

In the category of connecting with you, we are pleased to announce the beginning a new era, of being OPEN BY APPOINTMENT, most Saturdays 1-4PM. Why appointment? Those of you who have visited us here know what a special place it is. This beautiful, tranquil setting is rural, and not equipped to support a large volume of commercial visitors. Its beauty and setting are what we treasure, and we know you enjoy it too when you visit us on busy Passport or St.Nicks weekends. We are committed to keeping Adams Bench a special place for our customers. By controlling the flow through appointments, we hope to preserve the experience.

How do you schedule an appointment? You can check the Saturdays we are open, and schedule through our website,, or just call the winery at 425-408-1969. When we are not personally available to the winery phone a call center will be, 24/7, so that you will always reach someone who can help: a good way to start the new year.

We invite you to provide feedback to us, about your experience scheduling either on-line or over the phone, because we really want to know how this works for you.

Starting Saturday, January 24, we look forward to seeing more of you in a leisurely and reflective setting here at Adams Bench, where we can spend time together, tasting, talking about the things that really matter: life, family, the future– and of course, our favorite subject, endlessly interesting and always able to teach us something new: wine.

Wishing you all the best,

Tim and Erica Blue

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